10 ways to own the new school year

It’s that Back To School time of year. Whether you’re excited, nervous or just a bit bored by the whole idea, here are our top tips for making it work for you.

1.  Work out what you want to achieve  

You’ll be happier if you take some control of your own life and work out for yourself what you’d like to achieve during the coming year. Write down some realistic, achievable, measurable goals – big or small, academic or otherwise – and do your best to make them happen.

2. Get to bed on time

Getting enough sleep is vital for your wellbeing. Check out our tips on sleeping well here, and get into good new-term habits as soon as you can.

3. ask for help if you need it

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Don’t let problems of any kind build up and weigh you down.  If you need help with schoolwork see here; if you’ve got family worries see here; if you’re anxious about your mental health see here. There is always something that can be done to make things better.

4. Don’t spend your whole time comparing yourself with others

There will always be people who are cleverer, richer, better-looking, more popular or more talented than you, as well as people who seem to be cleverer, richer, better-looking, more popular or more talented than you. And it doesn’t matter! Concentrate on making your own life as happy and fulfilled as you can.

5. look for the positive

Life won’t always go your way and people won’t always behave as you’d like. But every experience you have and every person you meet will help you to grow and develop. Don’t spend time thinking about things or people that make you feel bad, deal with problems as they arise (see 3 above), and look for the good in everything.

6. Try something new in school

If you try a new club or activity at your school, you’ll get to know a different group of people, as well as having fun and learning new skills.   You might even discover hidden talents and start to see yourself a bit differently. Keep your mind, eyes and ears open.

7. Try something new outside school

Having a hobby or interest that’s completely separate from school will help you to relax, allow different parts of your personality to flourish, and keep school worries in perspective. Nobody needs to know what it is, unless you want them to; so find something that you, yourself, really enjoy.

8. Streamline your routines

Setting up a daily or weekly routine for yourself can save you time, energy and worry; you know that you’ll have time to do everything you need to do and routine tasks become almost automatic. See more about managing your time efficiently here.

9. sort out your bedroom

You’ll be happier if you have a space of your own that is tidy, organised, and makes you smile. See more ideas for sorting out your possessions here.

10. Spend at least an hour a day – even on school days – doing something you really, really enjoy

Cooking, reading, listening to music, watching your favourite TV programme – even just lying on your bed daydreaming…. Doing things you like is good for you.