About us

This life guide for teenage girls was developed over several years, during many long dog walks and coffee-fuelled discussions between Charlotte Ford and Sam Stanley.


Charlotte (above right) worked as a Government lawyer for 15 years, advising Ministers and senior civil servants in the DWP and Department of Health. She has also at various times been a financial research analyst, overland traveller, mental in-patient, au pair, jury foreman in a seven week drugs trial, full-time mother, freelance Parliamentary reporter and seasonal agricultural worker. Charlotte now works part-time in her local university. She has three children (one daughter and two sons), two dogs, and a tortoise. Charlotte loves food, talking, fashion, and moving furniture around. She is less keen on sport and is noticeably bad at all forms of it.

Sam (above left) worked in publishing for over 25 years and is now a full-time Community Support Officer in her local council. At different stages of her life she has also been a barmaid, a secretary, unemployed, a full-time mother, a shop assistant and a charity worker.  Sam has three teenage children (two sons and one daughter), one dog and two cats. Sam loves taking photographs, wildlife, growing flowers, walking, yoga and food. She has tried various sports and can vouch for the benefits of running, badminton, rowing, aerobics and swimming. She wanted to be an artist when she grew up; she’s still working on it.

This website is dedicated to our own teenage daughters, but we hope that it will be of help to all girls, wherever you are.