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Most of the content has been written by us and we have acknowledged particular sources where we can. We have been helped in different ways by a number of other people and we are extremely grateful to them all for their generous contributions of time and expertise.

Look after your mind pages – Virginia Mallin BA, Adv Dip Psych Couns (WPF), FPC, UKCP. Agnes’s Consultant Psychotherapist, Virginia trained as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation while her two daughters were small. She has over 20 years of psychotherapy experience and, in addition to her private practice for adults and young people, she has worked as Media Liaison Consultant for her graduate body(FPC), counselled within the NHS in primary care and as consultant psychotherapist at The Priory’s Eating Disorders Unit, been Co-Manager of a London young person’s counselling centre and run a psychotherapy service for a leading girls’ secondary school. She has a special interest in mental health for girls. Virginia is passionate about young people’s welfare, mental health education, parenting issues, the environment and equality. She also loves food, her pets and dancing.

Essential recipe collection – Helen Hill worked as a Food Technology teacher for 15 years and developed a wide range of recipes that pupils enjoyed cooking and experimenting with. She has two teenage sons and loves walking her dog, cycling, swimming in the sea, paddle boarding and baking.

Crochet – Gillian Roe and her family live on the south coast. She is constantly making a variety of lovely things, especially items that add colour and individuality to her home. Her passions (beside her family) include crafting, cooking, the outdoors, reading, photography and the English coast. She is author of the inspirational blog Tales from a Happy House.

Books and Write Your Story – Lynda O’Gorman is the mother of three daughters and one son.  She reads to know she is not alone.

Expert checkers
Although they did not want to be named individually, we are extremely grateful for all the comments and suggestions of our friends with professional expertise in law, government, banking, teaching, medicine, sexual health and nutrition who have taken the time to review our pages. Our health pages have been checked by an experienced GP but – as we say many times on the site – please do check with your own GP if you have any specific medical concerns.

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We would like to thank the following girls for testing the website, for their feedback and suggestions: Martha, Harriet, Amber, Millie, Amelia, Jess, Lydia, Holly, Emily, Jo and Mollie.

Our grateful thanks also to our relatives and friends who have read Agnes and helped to make it what it is.

Unless otherwise stated (in a caption), all of our photos come from the wonderful site Pixabay; this provides a huge range of free images that can be used anywhere.