Secrets of a happy relationship

A good relationship is a balanced one. You both:

  • look after each other
  • take an interest in each other’s life
  • respect and admire each other
  • involve each other with your friends/family/hobbies BUT
  • also keep some space for yourself.

You should also keep it positive. Try as often as you can to:

  • say nice things to each other
  • do nice things for each other
  • encourage each other’s interests and ideas.

A good relationship is also honest. It should be a space where you can say what you really feel and think.

A good relationship develops. You will both be changing, and your relationship will change as well.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs and will experience some challenges. If you care about each other, do your very best to sort these out and you may find your relationship even stronger.

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