Making friends

Making new friends often becomes an issue when you change school or move home, but wherever you are in your life you should keep open the possibility of making new friends.

Different friends will meet your different needs, at different stages of your life. Some may be good for fun times, others may be better in more serious situations. Some might have the same interests as you, others might introduce you to new things. Most people have a mix of friends, but you don’t need to have hundreds. Quality is much more important than quantity.

Don’t be be anxious about making friends. Friendship can’t be forced, and it can sometimes take time. Friends will come along, in their own good time, if you:

  • remain true to yourself and don’t put popularity before everything else.
  • behave well with everyone.
  • are generally open, friendly and polite.
  • take an interest in the new people you meet – ask them about themselves and listen to their answers.
  • join clubs or organisations that interest you so that you can meet people with similar interests. Sport and community activities are both good options.
  • relax and don’t look desperate.

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