Skin adornments

Humans love to adorn their skin – from make-up to Indian henna designs (‘mehndi’), from tattoos to piercings. It can be fun to experiment with make-up and temporary tattoos but wait until you are an adult before you do anything permanent. The legal age limit for having a tattoo is 18.

Your teenage years are all about finding out who you are and working out who you want to be. Think very carefully before you do anything to your body that you might regret when you are older.

Tattoos involve ink being injected deep into the dermis of the skin to leave a permanent mark. They can be removed but this is a painful and costly procedure. Find out more about the health implications of tattoos here.

Piercings, whether in your ears, nose or elsewhere on your body, will leave a permanent hole. There are also age limits to consider. The possible health implications you should be aware of are:

  • bacterial infection (abscesses, blood poisoning, toxic shock syndrome)
  • scarring
  • bleeding and blood loss

Find out more about the possible complications from piercing here.