Buying your first bra can a significant moment in your life; some girls really look forward to it but you may find the whole process utterly embarrassing. Not everyone chooses to wear a bra – it’s not essential for keeping your breasts healthy – but wearing one will support your breasts and this is important, especially when playing sport.

You won’t need a bra until your breasts have begun to swell a bit and perhaps show through your clothes. Lots of girls wear crop-top vests before their breasts start to grow – these are particularly useful for keeping you covered up when you’re changing for sport at school.

Once you feel you need a proper bra (when you need a bit more support), you should buy a teenage or starter bra. These are widely available in high street shops and supermarkets and are specially designed to be comfortable and practical for developing teenage bodies. Avoid wearing underwired bras as these can damage your growing breasts.

Because you are usually still quite young when you need your first bra/s, you will have to ask an adult (usually your mum) to come with you and buy them for you. You might find this embarrassing but there are shop assistants who are specially trained in fitting bras. They are used to seeing all shapes and sizes of girls and women and will respect your feelings and privacy, and help you feel at ease. You will sometimes need to make an appointment for a fitting but it will depend on the shop.

To get an idea of how you find the right size of bra have a look at this website.