Everyone’s are different

Many girls feel awkward and self-conscious about their growing breasts. You may feel that everyone is staring at you; you may get teased at school if you grow breasts before anyone else or if your breasts are larger or smaller than your friends’. Siblings may make personal remarks. Unfortunately, some of this is just unavoidable. You might want to think of some simple strategies to deal with minor recurring annoyances (a witty come-back or ignoring silly comments). However, if you are regularly made to feel bad or miserable by others’ comments or actions it becomes bullying, or perhaps even abuse, and you do not have to put up with this.

You will gradually get used to your breasts as you grow older but you may feel that there is something wrong with their appearance. You may feel they are too large or too small, too wobbly or a strange shape. Try not to be critical, and try not to compare your breasts with images of those you see around you. Don’t forget that many of these images are airbrushed, Photoshopped or otherwise transformed from their real appearance. You should certainly not consider having any form of cosmetic surgery unless there is something really wrong or until you are properly adult.

Sometimes girls focus on changing their body because they lack confidence more generally. You can improve your appearance and confidence by wearing good bras and dressing well, and you can work on improving your general self-confidence so that you are happier with your body.