Essential cooking knowhow

Here you will find guidance on all the basic skills and knowledge you need to become a good and confident cook. You will see how to use and understand recipes; how to weigh and measure ingredients;  how to use hobs and ovens; and how to cook basic ingredients such as rice, eggs and pasta. You will also find vital information about storing and preparing food safely and guidance on planning and shopping for meals within a budget.

Understanding recipes

You can’t use recipes if you don’t understand what they mean. Below is an explanation of the most common words you will find in recipes. There are links to videos showing exactly what is involved where (more…)

Using hobs and ovens

Your recipe will tell you whether to use a hob, an oven, a grill or a microwave, and at what temperature. Every cooker is different, but here is some general advice. (more…)

Cooking the basics

If you learn how to cook a few simple things like eggs, potatoes and pasta then you will have the basis for quick, cheap, nutritious meals in minutes.