Makes approximately 18


250g strong white flour
250g plain flour
5g powdered yeast
10g fine salt
325ml warm water
a drizzle of sunflower or olive oil, plus extra for coating

To finish
Olive oil, for brushing
A sprinkling of any of the following:

  • Flaky sea salt and/or Black pepper
  • Poppy seeds
  • Smoked paprika
  • Chopped rosemary leaves
  • Finely grated Parmesan


  1. To knead by hand: mix the flours, yeast, salt and water in a bowl to form a sticky dough. Add the oil, mix it in, then turn the dough out onto a clean, floured work surface and knead until smooth and silky.
  2. To use a food mixer: fit the dough hook and add the flours, yeast, salt and water to the mixer bowl. Mix on low speed until combined, then add the oil and leave to knead for about 10 minutes, until smooth and silky.
  3. Shape the dough into a ball, coat with a little extra oil and place in a clean bowl.  Leave to rise, covered with a plastic bag, until doubled in size.
  4. Turn the dough out onto the work surface and, using plenty of flour, roll out to between 5mm and 1cm thick. (You may have to do this in batches.)
  5. Dust the top evenly with flour, then flip the whole thing over and dust the other side.
  6. Now cut into strips, about 1cm wide and as long as you like. If you want to flavour the breadsticks, brush the tops with oil and sprinkle lightly with your chosen toppings.
  7. Transfer the dough strips to a greased baking tray and leave to prove (rise) for 30 minutes.
  8. Preheat the oven to 200°C, then bake the breadsticks for 20 minutes, until golden brown and just dried out through to the middle. Cool on a wire rack.