Crochet a chunky headband


You need a ball of chunky yarn – acrylic or wool is fine – and a 6mm crochet hook.


  1. Make a foundation chain of 10 chains stitches.


2. Skip a chain and double crochet into the second chain from the end.


  1. Double crochet into each chain until you’ve worked your way back to the start.


  1. Chain one and turn the work, and then double crochet into each stitch. When you come to the end of the row, chain one then turn – this chain stitch at either end adds a cool zigzag effect to the border of your headband. Keep going like this back and forth. The headband will twist and curl slightly but don’t worry about that.


  1. Keep crocheting until the headband is about one inch or 2 cms shorter than the circumference of your head. It will stretch a little with wear and if you make the length the same as the circumference of your head, it will feel too big.


  1. When you’re happy with the length, you need to crochet or sew the ends together. I like to crochet them by pushing the hook through the top of the double crochets at one end and the foundation chain at the other. But you can sew them together if you prefer.


  1. Now you need to darn in your ends.


  1. Thread a large needle with the yarn ends and weave them through the crochet, so that they are hidden. Then snip off the yarn.


9. Ta-da!