Other creative possibilities

There are all sorts of arts and crafts you can try. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


From simple strings of colourful beads to skilled metal work, jewellery-making offers
huge creative satisfaction. Try:


Pottery can be very satisfying but is best done in a studio with a tutor who knows what they’re doing.. See if there are beginners’ classes or holiday workshops near you; this website suggests some good places to start.


Digital photography and smartphones make the art of photography very accessible. You can be creative both in the pictures you take and in how you display them afterwards (see here for some ideas to start you off). There are lots of photography workshops and courses aimed especially at teenagers, so you should be able to find some near you. Look at blogs, magazines, websites and instagram feeds for inspiration as well.

Other ideas

  • Playing around with your room and possessions can give great creative satisfaction. Try some of the excellent projects here or transform a piece of furniture or your room with a coat of paint. Sometimes, a bedroom makeover is exactly what you need.
  • Try out a new skill with a starter kit – maybe candles, soap or perfume
  • Creativity isn’t just about crafts – cooking can be a very creative hobby.
Being organised
Managing your possessions

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