Printing is a very accessible and very enjoyable craft.

You can make your own cards, wrapping paper or posters very easily, with no specialist equipment – this page is designed for younger children but shows how effective results can be achieved using celery, bubble wrap and buttons. Even simple potato prints can be very effective. You can also buy printing blocks for a more professional finish, for example from here.

Textile printing is slightly trickier, but well worth trying – you will need fabric paint if the print is going to last, and should wash and iron your fabric before printing. See more advice here. You can also try painting directly on fabric: different paints and techniques are suitable for different fabrics, and you can experiment for different effects. You can find an inspiring range of paints and other equipments for fabric painting here.

The American blog A Beautiful Mess has some fun ideas for printing projects. If you like looking at patterns for inspiration, you might enjoy the excellent print & pattern blog.




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