Simple sewing ideas

Start off with a few simple projects until you build up confidence and end up on the Great British Sewing Bee.

Customise your clothes

  • Swap the standard buttons on a jacket or cardigan with your own buttons and create something stylish and unique
  • Add interesting or colourful buttons as decorations to T-shirts, hats, scarves, bags
  • Add elbow or knee patches, ribbons, trims, pockets…

See some ideas here and buy buttons, beads and other decorations here, here or here

Adapt your clothes to give them new life

  • Take sleeves off a top or a jacket
  • Change the length of a skirt or dress
  • Turn jeans into shorts

See some further ideas here and here

Make new objects out of old

Try a simple kit

Kits are expensive, but a good place to start until you build up confidence. Good kits contain clear instructions and all the equipment you need. Try:

  • A  skirt or dress from legendary 1970s brand clothkits
  • (the pattern pieces are printed directly onto the fabric which makes dressmaking easier)
  • A simple but stylish tote bag from Alice Caroline
  • An apron or a pair of knickers from Flo-Jo

Find further inspiration on the The Makery You Tube Channel

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