Cleaning – bathroom

Like kitchens, bathrooms really need to be cleaned every day to keep them fresh and hygienic. A sparkling bathroom will also make you much happier than a grubby one. Don’t just leave it to someone else.


  • Rinse out the bath after every use
  • Apply an all-purpose bathroom cleaner, and rub it in with a cloth or soft brush, paying particular attention to dirty marks
  • Rinse off using the shower or a fast-running cold tap
  • If you live in a hard water area and get limescale build-up around the taps, apply a special limescale remover. For a greener solution, try soaking tissues in vinegar, wrap round the taps and leave for as long as you can before you rinse.


  • Rinse out and dry after each use
  • Apply an all-purpose bathroom cleaner, rub it in with a cloth or soft brush, and rinse off
  • Treat taps in the same way as for baths.


  • After a shower, leave the door or curtain open to ventilate the shower. This will help to prevent mould growing
  • Use a window-cleaning tool to remove water from the tiles
  • Clean the shower tray with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner
  • Use a limescale remover once a week if you live in a hard-water area
  • Shower curtains can be removed and washed in the washing machine
  • Shower screens can be cleaned with a mixture of water and white vinegar
  • Descale shower heads every month with a descaler and an old toothbrush.


  • Scrub round the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and toilet cleaner.
  • Wipe down the outside of the bowl, the cistern, and the toilet handle with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner
  • Toilet brushes can quickly get disgusting. At least once a week, clean the brush itself by standing it in the toilet, with some bleach; flush after a few minutes and remove. In the meantime, fill the brush container with hot soapy water, swish it around, then empty the dirty water down the toilet, once you’ve removed the brush.
  • It’s recommended that you buy a new toilet brush at least once a year.

Shelves and surfaces

  • Lift up all your bath and beauty products and move to tray or other surface
  • Wipe down the surface underneath with a damp cloth, getting rid of all the marks and gunk left behind
  • Wipe all your bottles and tubes, especially all the rubbish that collect around the lids, so that all your products look clean and new
  • Rearrange your products on your sparkling clean surfaces and shelves, in whichever way gives you most pleasure

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