Cleaning – kitchen

Kitchens are used all the time and and need to be cleaned all the time so that they are pleasant and hygienic to use.

Get into good kitchen habits

  • When you are cooking, clean and tidy as you go. Put away ingredients once you have finished with them, wash up cutlery and pans as you go along (or put them in a dishwasher), and wipe down surfaces and chopping boards
  • When you serve up food, put the saucepans to soak in the sink with a drop of washing up liquid. This will make washing up much easier after the meal is finished
  • Once you have finished a meal, tidy and wash up straightaway

Help in the daily kitchen tasks of:

  • Wiping down cooking and eating surfaces. You can use a special kitchen cleaner, but generally you should be able to clean everything with only a cloth, warm water and perhaps a drop of washing-up liquid
  • Tidying everything away
  • Sweeping the floor

Help with more thorough cleaning weekly, monthly and seasonally, including:

  • Cleaning the inside and outside of cupboards
  • Cleaning the fridge
  • Cleaning the oven and microwave
  • Washing down the floor

Washing up

Even if you have a dishwasher, you should know how to wash by hand – for when you are somewhere without a dishwasher, or need something clean quickly.

  • Fill the sink or a washing up bowl with warm water and squeeze in washing up liquid
  • Put all your dirty items together on one side of the sink
  • Start washing each category in turn. Use either a cloth or a brush. Wash cleaner items first – glass, then cutlery, then bowls and plates, then saucepans, then dishes used for roasting or baking. You can put items ready in the sink or bowl to soak while you do the items before them
  • Once you have washed each item, rinse under the tap if you like, and remove to the other side  of the sink to drain
  • Change the washing-up water when it becomes dirty
  • When you have finished, empty and clean the washing-up bowl, and rinse and dry the sink and draining board

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