Cleaning – other rooms

To keep bedrooms and living areas clean and pleasant, you need to:

  • Tidy
  • Dust
  • Vacuum

Everyone has different standards of tidiness and cleanliness, with extremes at either end; but a good system is to tidy every day, and to dust and vacuum at least once a week.

daily Tidying

  • Remove dirty plates, mugs etc and wash them
  • Put your dirty clothes in a basket or bag to be washed (find out how to wash them here)
  • Hang up or put away your clean clothes
  • Make your bed
  • Empty your bin.


  • Dust is unpleasant to look at, can cause damage to objects and is bad for your health. If you have allergies you need to be particularly careful
  • To dust, use a clean, soft, washable cloth. Some people like to use a dry duster, others a very slightly damp one; this will generally pick up more dust, but be careful not to over-wet the cloth as this can damage surfaces
  • Pick up all objects on tables, chests of drawers, and dust the surfaces under them; dust the objects and put them neatly. Shake the duster out of a window
  • You can use a feather duster to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the tops of cupboards or pictures, or along the tops of bookshelves. Shake the duster out of the window


  • Vacuuming is normally quick and easy to do, and produces quite satisfying results. Vacuum once you have tidied and dusted
  • Get to know your vacuum cleaner. It will normally have different settings for hard floors (such as wood or lino) and soft floors (such as carpet) and may have different attachments for different jobs – the standard brush for floors, and  a thin nozzle for edges, corners and crevices, and perhaps an upholstery nozzle for chairs and curtains
  • Clean all the floor, including the edges and the floor under furniture (move furniture if you can, and reach as far possible under heavy furniture such as beds and cupboards).

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