Drying your clothes

Once you have washed your clothes, you have two options for drying them:

  • hanging
  • tumble-drying


  • This method is cheaper, better for the environment, and generally kinder to your clothes
  • If you have an outside space, you can hang your clothes up on a long washing line or a rotary dryer (which takes up less space). Clothes will, obviously, dry better if the weather is dry, with a breeze
  • Everyone has their own idea about pegging out the washing (some people are quite obsessed about the “correct” way and you can find some useful tips here). The main thing is to unfold the washed clothes properly, spread them out, and let as much air through as possible
  • If the weather is bad, or you don’t have an outside space, you can hang clothes on indoor drying racks (either self-standing or fitting onto a radiator). Again, spread the clothes out as much as you can to help speed up the drying process.


  • Tumble-driers can save ironing, and are useful for when the weather is bad
  • They are however more expensive to use than hanging, and can damage certain clothes (always check the care label before tumble-drying)
  • They are generally straightforward to use, though some are quicker and more effective than others
  • When you take items out of the tumble-drier, shake them out and straighten them; this may avoid the need for ironing.

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