How to hang a picture

If you want to hang a framed picture on your wall you can:

  • do it the proper way: this guide from Picture Frames Express explains the process clearly. For lighter pictures and most walls, you can simply hammer in a picture nail. For heavier pictures and heavy brick walls, you need to use a drill and the right size of wall plugs. In either case, check you’re not hammering into wires.
  • use a no-nails high-sticking system like this which is given the thumbs-up in this interiors blog

Alternatively, you can:

  • try a modern look by propping pictures on the floor against your wall, or little pictures on shelves – like this.
  • stick non-framed pictures, posters, postcards to your wall with blu-tack, or hip and trendy Washi tape – like this
  • hang a string to display little pictures or photos – like this.

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