Getting paid to help with computers and websites


Lots of people, particularly older people, are quite nervous about computers. If you have a particular skill in computers, or in website design, make sure everyone knows it: tell your friends, your friends’ parents, your parents’ friends.

They might then think of you when they want to set up a website for their business, or sort out their computer housekeeping, or decide to put their music or photos online.

You could also set up a simple website of your own, explaining what you can do and showing past projects.

You can also try to find work online through freelancing sites, but this may sometimes be harder and more competitive than using your personal contacts.

How much pay?

This very much depends on the type of work you can do, and the type of people you work for. Agree a price for the job in advance, and (as with all negotiations) try to make it a price that pleases both sides.

Things to remember

  • Make sure you understand the job, and are confident that you can do it
  • If you are doing a job in someone else’s home, and you don’t know them very well, take someone else with you (preferably your parent or carer) the first time. Ask beforehand; your customer shouldn’t mind. If anything feels uncomfortable or wrong, even if you can’t put your finger on it, don’t work for that person again. If you feel under any threat while you’re there, leave immediately.

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