How to start

You can hope to be scouted by hanging around places like Top Shop Oxford Circus or going to fashion events like Clothes Show Live – or you can take the initiative and contact modelling agencies yourself. You can also get in touch directly with clothes companies you like, who sometimes run model competitions.

But in all cases be very careful – see warnings in “things to remember” below!

How much pay?

Although some top models earn a huge amount,this recent article gives a more realistic picture of modelling as a regular career. Until you are 16, you could sign up for a child modelling agency: this one gives a useful idea of fees for different types of work. You will have to pay agency commission and will often have to pay travel or other expenses as well.

Things to remember

  • Lots of people want to be models so people take advantage of this. Beware scams, frauds and dodgy agencies who flatter you so that they can take your money; read this page from the Association of Model Agencies and be on your guard.
  • There are all sorts of pressures in modelling, which can have an effect on your life, health and well-being. Many people in the business take advantage of young girls who want to be successful or thought beautiful. Always keep your wits about you.
  • Your parent or carer should be involved at every stage until you are 18. Don’t work with any agency or company that doesn’t allow (or in fact require) this.
  • Even if you get work, it is likely to be unpredictable; it can be difficult to make it fit in with the rest of your life.

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