Working as a shop assistant


Local shops – the easiest way is to go in person and ask whether there is any work available. Take a simple CV with you to leave with your contact details. If there is work available, make sure that the hours and duties suit you, and that you know what is expected of you. Many shopkeepers like their workers to be at least 16, but you might find something even when you’re younger.

Bigger chains and supermarkets – will generally have a more formal application process, and you will normally need to apply online. Most require you to be over school leaving age (generally, 16 or over). Have a look at the websites of stores near you and see what’s available. There might be opportunities in supermarket cafés as well as in the stores themselves.


If you are over school leaving age you will be entitled to the national minimum wage; and may earn quite a bit more.


Choose your shop carefully. A long journey may cost you both time and money. If you are working late nights, make sure there is a way for you to get home safely.

Future career?

If you like working in shops, you might think about doing it as a full-time career. There are all sorts of opportunities, as a manager or buyer or merchandiser as well as on the shop floor.

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