Making the most of education – outside the formal system

Many people don’t do as well as they should do at school, for various reasons. Don’t worry if this is you. It is never too late to learn – whether you are after specific skills or qualifications for a course or job, or whether you just want to expand your mind. Here are our suggestions.

specific skills or qualifications

Expanding your mind

  • Read everything you can – books, newspapers, magazines, online articles. Despite cuts, there are still plenty of libraries around which give you access to a world of information for nothing.
  • Try a course. The Princes Trust offers free courses for 13 to 30 year olds in the UK who are out of work, education and training – look for opportunities near you here.
  • Try an online course. The Open University offers a number of free courses on a huge range of subjects, from philosophy to healthy eating.