School help for teenage girls

Getting help with learning

Lots of girls are embarrassed about asking for help – don’t be. Whatever your problem or worry at school, there will be someone who can help you. Don’t let worries fester and grow in your mind; speak to someone sooner rather than later. Try getting help from:

Your school 

Schools have seen it all before. They understand teenagers, and have people trained to help you. Schools are all organised differently, but you should be able to speak to:

  • Your form teacher – for general issues;
  • Your subject teacher – if you are struggling with particular lessons
  • A student or learning support network or centre– for practical help and support to support your learning; as well as offering help if you have emotional or family issues, this might offer extra lunchtime or after-school classes or individual tuition in subjects where you have difficulty

There might also be a dedicated school counselling service who can offer one-to-one help if you need it.

If you have special educational needs or a disability, your school must offer appropriate support. The exact details depend on where you are in the country; you can find some sources of useful information here.

Your friends

As well helping on the social side, your friends might be able to help you with a piece of work that you find really difficult – everyone has different skills.  Or you could work on something together.

Make sure you’re not always demanding help and never offering it. Even if you are not good at any lessons, there is always something you could offer in return.

Your family

Don’t forget your family. Parents, carers, older brothers or sisters – all of them have been through school. Even if they can’t help with your particular homework problem, they may be able to suggest different ways of doing things. At the very least they can help to put things in perspective.



BBC Bitesize – simple, well laid out advice on current school subjects

BullyingUK – part of Family Lives charity,specifically dealing with bullying issues

Childline – national charity to help children and young people with all sorts of issues. This link takes you to their school pages.


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