Packing like a pro

To be a successful packer you should start thinking about packing well before you go on your trip. You need time to:

  • think carefully what you need for your particular trip; it is often easiest to make a list that you can then tick off. Check any information you may have from your travel company or organiser, and look at other relevant travel websites as well
  • buy or borrow anything on your list that you don’t already have – including a suitable bag, suitcase or backpack

Packing tips

  • Don’t weigh yourself down with more luggage than you need; it will tire you out and make it harder to travel efficiently. Always take the least amount of stuff you can. A good tip is to lay out everything you’re planning to take beforehand, and then remove as much as you can before you actually pack
  • Toiletries can be heavy and take up a lot of room. Take only what you need, and see if you can put them into small containers
  • Make sure your bag/suitcase/backpack is suitable for your particular trip. If you’re travelling by budget airline, a cabin-sized bag will save extra costs. If you’re going to be walking around a lot, a backpack is easiest to carry and leaves your hands free.
  • Keep your travel documents and money in a separate bag or travel belt – close to hand, safe, and easily accessible
  • Take a few plastic bags for your dirty washing and to avoid leaking toiletries