Perfect manners in cinemas and theatres

As always, the main thing is to show consideration for others. People in cinemas and theatres have paid good money to enjoy themselves; don’t spoil their evening out.

  • Don’t arrive late.
  • Try to avoid squeezing past people already seated if there are spaces elsewhere.
  • If you do have to squeeze past them, say ‘excuse me’ before and ‘thank you’ afterwards.
  • Don’t talk too loudly before the show begins, and don’t talk at all during the performance.
  • Turn off your phone before the show begins and don’t look at it again until the show stops. (It’s not just the noise of incoming calls or texts which is annoying, the sight of a lit screen in a darkened room interrupts the magic and therefore spoils the atmosphere for others.)
  • It’s better if you don’t eat or drink anything at all during the performance; you should be able to survive for an hour or two. If this is impossible, make sure you’re not eating anything noisy or smelly.

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