Perfect manners in restaurants and cafes

Remember other diners who have paid for an enjoyable lunch or evening; watch your table manners and make sure that you are not noticeably more noisy than any other groups in the restaurant.

If someone else is paying for the meal, don’t choose the most expensive item on the menu. (But you don’t need to choose the cheapest, either; somewhere towards the middle is the safest bet.)

If you’re sharing the cost of the meal with friends or family, try not to spend hours when the bill comes discussing who had what and what everyone should pay:

  • Decide together before you order how many courses you are having, whether you are having drinks etc, so that the cost of everyone’s meal is about the same; then divide equally between you all.
  • Sometimes you may gain, sometimes you may lose, but overall it is less petty and awkward than an exhaustive examination of everyone’s side order.
  • (And make sure in the first place that you choose a restaurant which everyone can happily afford.)

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