Communicating through social networks

These are useful ways to communicate with friends and acquaintances. How you use them depends on all sorts of things, but generally:

  • Don’t say or do anything on-line that you wouldn’t say or do face-to-face.   In fact, be particularly careful as things which you do say on-line can be passed on so quickly and so widely and may never be fully erased. Don’t forget that teachers or future employers might be able to see what you write. See more about looking after yourself online here
  • Keep private things private, and don’t post gossip or personal matters where a wider group can see them
  • Don’t share details of parties or other events if you know that they might be seen by other people who were not invited and might feel hurt – use private messages or group chats
  • Think before posting about your achievements or possessions or holidays. Are you generously informing people who may be interested or are you in fact boasting?
  • Don’t fish for compliments
  • Don’t feel you have to compliment everything posted by every friend. Try to keep any compliments specific and sincere
  • Don’t feel hurt if people don’t like or comment on a post – they may simply have other things to do
  • Think whether what you are posting is actually of interest to anyone. Less is very often more

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