Love your appearance

Working out how you want to look is an important part of growing up and establishing your identity. Your ideas change as you change and as you come into contact with different influences.

Sometimes you may want to fit in, sometimes to stand out.

Your confidence in your own appearance may go up and down.

You may care deeply how you look, or you may decide that other things are more important.

But while all this is going on, you still have to face the daily business of getting dressed and ready to face the world.

If you get into good habits, this will become easier and more fun, and will leave you plenty of time for other things. Put together a basic wardrobe of clothes that make you feel good and that work for your lifestyle. Look after your face, body and hair. See if make-up works for you. Shop carefully and in the right places to make the most of your budget.

But don’t feel that you have to be sensible and organised all the time; part of the pleasure of fashion, and of growing up, is to experiment and have fun and make mistakes. Look for inspiration everywhere and add your unique style to the world!


Make-up is designed to change the way you look. It can be subtle or dramatic, conventional or daring; (more…)