Dressing for different occasions

You’ll be more relaxed if you wear the right clothes for the right situation. Luckily, there aren’t as many rigid rules as there used to be, but always think about where you’re going and who you’ll see when you’re out.

  • A simple, neutral style in simple, neutral colours will work for most situations. Your basic wardrobe should give you most things you need.
  • You can normally wear trousers even on the most formal occasions
  • Accessories and jewellery can turn an outfit from casual to smart
  • Dark jeans can look smart with a more ‘dressed up’ top and shoes, but if you’re going somewhere special, first check that jeans are allowed (some places don’t like them)
  • If you’re going for an interview, wear suitable clothes for the job you want. If you’re not sure, it’s better to be too formal than too informal
  • School proms can throw lots of girls into a panic. There can be a lot of pressure to dress in a certain way, and spend loads of money. Don’t forget that it’s supposed to be fun! The aim is to find a dress that makes you feel happy and doesn’t blow your budget. You may be able to borrow a dress or accessories from a friend or relation, and then adapt to make the look your own. If you want to look a bit different, you could try hunting in vintage or charity shops – have a look at Oxfam online or your local high-street.  If you want to fit in, and don’t have much money, try sites like Missguided or Boohoo .If you can spend a bit more, you could try your local department store or JJ’s House which has a huge range of prom dresses in all shapes and colours – make sure you allow plenty of time though, as their dresses are all made to order and shipped from abroad.

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