Get the right fit and balance in your clothes

You will feel happier and more confident in a well-balanced mix of clothes that fit you properly.


  • If possible, try everything on before you buy it
  • Find a fit and style that makes you feel comfortable and confident
  • Well-fitting underwear will make your clothes fit better
  • Don’t get too worried about rigid rules on ‘dressing for your body shape’
  • Experiment with different styles and shapes – you may see a different person than you expected staring back at you in the mirror
  • Clothes sizes vary widely across different manufacturers and different styles. Wear the size that fits you properly and cut out the size label if it bothers you.


  • Balance different elements in your outfit for a relaxed and confident image
  • Try mixing something fitted and tight with something longer and looser, or something very feminine with something a bit more edgy or masculine
  • If you like short skirts, try them with opaque tights and trainers or boots
  • Layering different clothes can also give a different, modern look
  • Experiment, look at fashion images, keep your eyes and mind open.

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