Beautiful face and body

Beauty products are big business but you don’t actually need many to look beautiful, especially if you are healthy and happyYou can find all about skin care here, including advice on the acne and eczema which can make many teenage girls feel miserable. Find out how to protect your skin from the sun here. Taking good care of your nails, teeth, and feet will help your confidence and your look.

Different beauty products work for different people. Sometimes just the look, smell or feel of a product can make you feel happier. It is hard to get a properly scientific recommendation; beauty journalists and bloggers often get free samples in return for positive reports, and can’t really test products on lots of different types of skin anyway. But Sali HughesLisa Eldridge and Zoella all give detailed reviews of products which might help you.

Face masks

Nobody needs to apply a face mask, but sometimes they can just be fun; a chance to relax and do nothing for a while. You can buy ready-made sachets or try making your own. A good one for teenage skin is to mash up some strawberries with natural yoghurt and honey; apply to the face and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing off.


Many girls develop dark hair above their mouths during the teenage years. If you do not like the way this looks, you can bleach it with special products available from chemists or supermarkets (normally found with other hair removal products). If you have an older sister or other close relation with similar looks to yours, ask them what they use.

Unlike most of the products you will be using on your face, bleaching products contain strong chemicals and you should be very careful if you decide to use them. Follow the instructions closely – including doing a small patch test first on some less obvious part of your skin.


Eyebrow fashions, like all other fashions, change. You can change the shape and size of your eyebrows by removing hairs – either by yourself at home with tweezers (quite a painful process) or by going to a beauty salon, who may either pluck them or thread them.  You can also give added definition to your eyebrows with eyebrow pencils. It is up to you whether you want just to tidy up your eyebrows by removing stray hairs (over your nose, or beneath the brows); or to change your look more dramatically to make your eyebrows thinner or shorter or differently shaped. The more dramatic the change, the more attention you will, of course, draw to your brows and face which may be exactly what you want. Threading generally lasts longer than plucking.

Body hair

Some girls and women feel that all body hair is unsightly and should be removed; others feel that hatred of body hair is a part of a larger conspiracy against women, designed to make us anxious and self-obsessed when we should be out changing the world. Most are somewhere in between – they feel more confident without visible body hair, so remove dark hair on legs, under-arm hair and pubic hair that is visible when they are wearing a swimsuit.

It is for you to decide what to do, so that you feel comfortable and at ease in your world. If you do decide to remove body hair, see your choices here.