Methods of removing body hair

If you do decide to remove body hair, you have a choice of methods and a huge range of products competing for your custom. Read your options below and experiment with the products and methods that suit you best, perhaps asking an older female relation what they do. Always follow instructions carefully and note that different products may be designed for different areas of the body.


  • This is the most straightforward and cheapest method, normally done in the bath or shower with some lather from soap or gel
  • You can buy special razors designed for women – disposable or with refillable blades. Some are designed especially for the ‘bikini line’
  • Take great care when you first shave and keep your razors safely stored
  • Hair reappears quite quickly after it is shaved, so you will need to shave frequently.


  • A hot wax strip is applied to the skin (or hot wax is applied and a strip of special cloth pressed onto the wax) and then removed quickly with the hair attached
  • This can be done in a beauty salon or you can buy products to use at home – some will work better than others on you
  • Waxing is a more complicated process than shaving and it is painful
  • The main advantage over shaving is that the results last longer.


  • Epilators are electrical devices used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out
  • They are expensive to buy and using them is painful. Read a blogger’s reaction here and a newsaper review of ‘least painful epilators’ here
  • Like waxing, the main advantage is that hair takes longer to regrow.

Hair removal lotions or creams

  • These can be used at home. You apply a generous amount of product to the particular area, wait for a certain amount of time and then remove the product and hair with a spatula, or similar, supplied with the product.
  • They normally have a strong and not very pleasant smell (this is from the chemical reaction as the product breaks down the chemical structures that hold your hair proteins together)
  • Some girls and women like to use these products on the ‘bikini line’ where they might be more nervous of shaving or waxing.


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