Good style and beauty habits

Getting into a regular beauty and style routine will make your life much easier, particular on busy weekdays. 

  • Adapt these suggestions to suit our own circumstances
  • Try typing out your own list of daily tasks and pin it up in your bedroom or bathroom
  • See more general advice in our section Be Organised.

Every day

  • Morning, before going school/college a quick shower, if you wish; get dressed in clothes you will have efficiently laid out the night before; apply deodorant; brush teeth; brush and style hair; cleanse skin; apply light make-up if appropriate. This should take between 15 and 30 minutes altogether. Any longer and you are likely to be missing out on important things like sleep, breakfast or catching the bus.
  • Morning, weekends or holidays – as above, but you will have longer to style hair and apply make-up if you want to.
  • After school – if you wear school uniform, you may feel more relaxed and psychologically refreshed if you remove at least some of it when you get home. If so, hang it up, or put it in the washing basket if it needs washing.
  • Evening, before bed – shower or bath; wash hair; remove any make-up; cleanse skin; brush hair; brush teeth. Check your nails and eyebrows. Hang up clothes or put in the washing basket for washing (if you haven’t already). Lay out your clothes for the next day if you have to be up and away early – check that they are all clean and that nothing needs to be mended.

Sleep is one of the best beauty treatments, so make sure that you get to bed on time. Teenagers should get nine hours per night.

Every weekend

  • Wash your school uniform if relevant; wash any other dirty clothes; check whether any of your clothes need mending (button missing, hem coming loose, etc); clean your shoes; clean your hairbrush and comb; tidy up your beauty and hair products.
  • If you have time and enjoy this sort of thing, give yourself a skin or hair treatment (conditioning mask, body scrub) and a long relaxing bath.
  • Even if you don’t like fashion, try to spend at least a few minutes looking at shops (real or virtual), fashion websites and newspaper fashion columns so that you are reasonably up-to-date. If you do like fashion, you will of course be doing this anyway; try out new websites or shops to expand your knowledge.

Every two or three months (on a boring evening or rainy Sunday afternoon perhaps)

  • Go through all your clothes; tidy and sort them into categories. Get rid of any that are too small or you never wear (give them to a younger relation, charity shop or jumble sale).
  • If you have suitable storage space, put away unseasonal clothes that you know you won’t be wearing for the next few months (this will make more space so it will be easier to choose your daily outfits).
  • See whether you need any new clothes and work out the cost and where you might buy them.
  • Check that you have enough supplies of beauty and hair products and buy new products as necessary.  

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