Stylish hair

It is surprising how much better you can feel about yourself if you are happy with your hair. There are two main aspects to good hair – good condition, which you can read about here, and a good style.

Find a hairstyle that suits you

  • Try to find a simple hairstyle that works for your face shape and can look good every day without needing too much attention
  • A number of hairdressers feature this guide to face shapes and hair styles
  • Most styles can be adapted for different occasions and you will find no shortage of inspiration in the real world and online. Try:
    • Zoella – the leading British beauty vlogger for teens
    • Black Beauty and Hair which has lots of help and suggestions for the particular needs of black hair
    • Elle’s hair pages

Sort out hairdressers

Regular trips to the hairdresser will keep your hair in good condition and avoid split ends in long hair. You can save costs by:

  • booking a ‘wet cut’ rather than a ‘cut and blow dry’
  • asking if there are special rates for under 18s
  • getting cuts from student hairdressers. These are much cheaper and sometimes even free. They are supervised by the students’ tutors so you shouldn’t end up with a disaster. You will normally have to allow more time and appointments may be more limited. Try your local further education college or a specialist hairdressing school such as Toni and Guy or Vidal Sassoon.

Don’t let your hair take over your life

Many girls spend a lot of time on styling their hair – straightening curly hair, waving straight hair, pinning it up into elaborate styles. If this makes you happy, that is great, but:

  • make sure you have time for other things in your life
  • don’t feel pressured into looking a certain way – style or colour your hair because you want to, not because you feel you have to
  • remember that too much styling can damage your hair.

You can perhaps find a simple hairstyle for every day, and then have fun with more elaborate creations at weekends or for special occasions.