Age limits – travelling by public transport


The law does not say anything about lower fares for young people – it is for the various companies who operate bus, coach and train services to decide who can pay a lower fare and any conditions which apply.

Generally, half-fares are offered to those up to the age of 16, though conditions normally apply. Some travel companies offer young people’s discount cards for those aged 16 or over.

You can find out more on the travel companies’ websites. There are too many bus companies to list here, but you should be able to find details of your local company quite easily on the internet.

  • Information about young people’s travel in London is here
  • Information about children’s fares on trains is here and about the 16-25 railcard here .
  • Information about children’s fares on National Express coach trips is here and their 16-26 Young Persons Coachcard is here.
  • You can find out more about national and international discount schemes for young people on our travel pages here.

Restrictions on under-18s

Although the law does not set down a minimum age limit for young people travelling alone, quite a few travel operators put restrictions on people under 16 or under 18.

Coach, bus and train companies generally do not, but if you are planning to travel by ferry or aeroplane, or want to stay in a campsite or hotel, check the company’s small print before booking anything.

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