The power of music should never be underestimated – it can make you feel so happy you want to hug the nearest person and leap around the room; it can release sad feelings, help you let it all out and move you to tears. It can help you work out frustration and anger, and it can keep you calm and focused. There is a piece of music or a song for every situation and every mood.

Music can be at the root of many varied and life-affirming experiences, so make sure you have as many as you can. Listen to music via headphones, just you in your head, or blare it out from a speaker in your room; go to live gigs and share the joy of watching a favourite band; spend a few days in a muddy field at a music festival; sit in a beautiful concert hall and absorb the surround-sound of an orchestra; go to the opera if you have the chance.

Don’t get stuck in a rut with your listening choices; go back in time, listen to different genres, try something new. Lauren Laverne (DJ, tv presenter, singer, author and comedian) has put together this playlist of 70 tracks (70 artists from the past 70 years). If you want to broaden your musical education this is a good place to start, and take a look at the Agnes playlists below.

One thought on “Music

  1. Really enjoy the recommendations! I also like Witch- Lazy Bones for dancing to and Rolling Stones- Brown Sugar for singing along (and probably dancing too) 🙂

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